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Going to Arlette is a pleasure, because she brings a human side to dentistry. 

But dentistry is also a serious matter, and as a health professional, Arlette believes in the importance of properly informing her clients about the care and treatments she and her team offer.

Here is an overview of the treatments and procedures that Arlette provides:

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Dentistry combines examinations and procedures related to optimal dental health. Arlette makes a point of discussing her patients’ expectations with them and takes the time to properly assess with them the treatments they need.

  • Checkup of their overall health and dental health
  • Digital and panoramic dental X-rays (to see the entire mouth and masticatory apparatus)
  • Intraoral camera
  • Evaluation, with photographs, of the smile line
  • Instant evaluation of cavity intensity with the electronic stylet DIAGNOdent.

Light Periodontics
Our periodontal treatment addresses diseases that attack tissues around the tooth, particularly periodontitis, an inflammation that can start surreptitiously and painlessly, but can seriously destabilize dental equilibrium.

Arlette takes a preventive approach to periodontal treatment, which includes a thorough screening and a rigorous oral hygiene program accompanied by personalized follow-up.

This treatment specifically includes:

  • Periodontal curettage, which cleans tartar from the roots of teeth.
  • Root planing, which smoothes the root surface of loose teeth.

With the latest technologies provided by Arlette, a great smile is available to anyone.

Replacing a missing tooth with a perfect replica is easy to do at Arlette’s practice. With titanium implants, no dental preparation for implants is necessary. Truly masterful!  

A crown is placed on a tooth that has been largely removed due to cavities. With computer-assisted CEREC technology, Arlette can create impeccable crowns and install them within a few hours!

Bridges are created to replace one or several teeth when an implant is impossible. There are various types of bridges. Arlette can design and install a personalized model, which will certainly restore your dazzling smile!

Correction of bruxism (grinding of teeth)
This problem, which can be caused by stress, among other things, can create problems with the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. Arlette has solutions and offers preventive devices or more advanced devices to break this habit.

Endodontics (Root Canal)
Root canal treatment involves removing infections from the tooth’s interior and literally replacing the pulp. With this treatment, Arlette can save a tooth instead of resorting to extraction, the former method of treatment.

By cleaning and sealing off the canal (s) of the infected tooth, we can preserve this root or tooth and reconstruct a crown for it.

Laser surgery
This is fast, effective, accurate and safe: Arlette uses laser surgery for light cosmetic procedures, particularly for gingival contouring, which lifts receding gums to better expose the teeth and reveal a radiant smile!

Arlette has a complete mastery of laser surgery. She uses it to sterilize certain periodontal areas and thus reduces the need for an anesthetic. 

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