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In 20 years of practice, Arlette has answered hundreds of questions about dental health, from the informed to the bizarre. Each time, she takes pleasure in explaining dentistry in simple language and sharing its secrets with you.

Here are the questions she is most frequently asked!

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Arlette’s Practice

Q How often should I visit you?

A You should visit your dentist at least twice a year, three times if you smoke.

Q Should my teeth be x-rayed regularly?

A It’s preferable. X-rays make it possible to quickly see all the problems affecting your mouth, and to offer solutions that will deal with them quickly. At my practice, we take dental X-rays every time we perform a dental health exam, about once a year.

Q Can you really make my teeth whiter?

A Yes, with a treatment called in-office whitening, which brightens your teeth. A follow-up at home with aligners and a diet without staining agents will help prolong the new brilliance. For details about this treatment, visit Services and Technologies..

Q Are bleaching treatments always effective?

A Bleaching works only if the stains were caused by nicotine or food. It doesn’t change the colour of crowns and veneers or remove any other colour inlaid in your fillings.

Q Dental care is expensive. Can we pay for it gradually?

A Of course. We offer a Carte blanche, allowing you to spread your payments over an entire year without interest. More details.

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