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In 20 years of practice, Arlette has answered hundreds of questions about dental health, from the informed to the bizarre. Each time, she takes pleasure in explaining dentistry in simple language and sharing its secrets with you.

Here are the questions she is most frequently asked!

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Food and Drink

Q Is it true that sweet drinks can seriously damage teeth?

A Actually, sweet drinks increase the level of acidity in the mouth, and this acidity causes demineralization of the teeth, or erosion of the enamel, which results in cavities. Reducing your consumption of or banning sweet drinks is an excellent way to prevent dental cavities.

Q Is it true that red wine can stain my teeth?

A True. Red wine, like coffee and tea, contains tannins that stain tooth enamel. Drink them in moderation! The same is true of chocolate, blueberries and food dyes.

Q What is the best drink for beautiful teeth?

A Water, of course! I recommend you drink between 6 and 8 glasses a day. However, beware of water from certain wells: it can contain iron or mineral deposits that can stain teeth. .

Q Calcium is good for bones and teeth; can it help me to have more beautiful teeth?

A Food that contains calcium helps reduce dental acidity and contributes to re‑mineralization. My advice: Eat moderate amounts of cheese and yogurt that are rich in calcium or other dairy products or soya enriched with calcium.

Q Should we avoid snacks?

A Why deprive yourself? Like meals, snacks are a source of pleasure for the palate… but they’re also a storehouse for bacteria that hide around teeth, under gums or on the tongue.  Regular cleanings are essential to maintaining optimal dental health and for avoiding halitosis.

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