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Although it’s easy to say that you can’t put a price on dental health, professional dental services are not free.

To help you achieve your dental health objectives without breaking the bank, Arlette offers you a solution: the Carte blanche

What is the Carte blanche?
It’s your passport for worry-free dental care. This card makes it possible to obtain the smile you've been dreaming about more quickly with Crédit-dent, a credit service that allows you to spread your payments over as many as 12 months.

And my dental care insurance?
Arlette accepts all dental insurance.

With new technology, almost all insurance companies now automatically reimburse basic treatment online. No more forms to fill out and mail!

When you visit Arlette, you just pay for the non-refundable part of your treatment (up to 20% of your cost). For more expensive treatments, Arlette and her team prepare a treatment plan for your insurance company, which then determines the percentage of costs that will be covered. Generally, it’s 50%.

Payment method
Arlette accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard, and direct payment by debit card.
She also offers a 5% reduction on treatment costs paid in cash on the day of the visit.
Arlette offers students or patients age 65 and over a 10% reduction on checkups and treatments without exception.

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