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At Arlette’s practice, the waiting room is a calm, comfortable place.

You may only wait a few minutes—Arlette is punctual! — and you’ll be at ease knowing you’re receiving highly professional and fully personalized dental care. 

Certainly you can expect the very latest technologies, but what distinguishes Dr. Arlette Zakaib from all other dental surgeons is the confidence she inspires in you and a dental health approach that guarantees a dazzling smile for years to come.  

Therefore, instead of correcting one dental problem at a time, and without asking too many questions, Arlette will examine your entire mouth and investigate the causes of its current condition.

From an esthetic perspective, Arlette is an artist, craftswoman and scientist. Her personal approach and mastery of the most recent technologies enable her to create your dazzling smile, which will harmonize naturally with your appearance.

Do you smoke? What do you eat? Are you in pain? Since when? When did you have your last dental check up? Do you love coffee? Good wine? What’s your favourite dish? So many questions, so many answers — they will put you on the road to good oral health. And to a killer smile.

At Arlette’s practice, we believe above all in advanced, personalized dental services. Every case is different; each mouth has its own charm. And we have the technical ability, tools and equipment to help you find it.

Whether it’s dental rehabilitation, which will restore balance and health to your mouth and your dentition, or a cosmetic reconstruction procedure that will give you a Hollywood smile, our highly specialized dental studio is ready to meet all challenges.

So…where do we begin?

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