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Gnashing the teeth involuntarily by clenching or grinding them. Occurs mainly during sleep and most people are unaware of it when it happens.

Acronym  for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. A computer-assisted dental restoration technology. Using a digital picture, it reproduces the exact shape of the tooth with a 3D digital model and mills it out of a ceramic block in a few minutes. 

Periodontal treatment carried out under a local anesthetic. The gums are lifted so that the roots can be scaled to remove tartar and accumulated dental plaque in order to stop the progression of periodontitis.

Dental rehabilitation
Dental rehabilitation combines all the procedures and treatments aiming to restore equilibrium to the teeth.

Electronic stylet made by the German multi-national KaVo and used to measure the amount of dental decay. DIAGNODent is one of the most reliable, most innovative and most used diagnostic tools in the world.  

Area of dentistry that deals with the interior of the tooth. The most well-known treatment is root canal therapy.

Bad breath.

Specialized area of dentistry that uses implants to replace one or several missing teeth.

Intraoral camera
Digital imaging that displays images of the inside of your mouth on a computer screen. An excellent tool for explaining  treatments in detail… it also makes very convincing before-and-after images.

Invisalign Technique
Process that will correct and realign teeth with made-to-measure aligners, created by the California company Align Technology.

Specialized area of dental medicine aimed at correcting anomalies in teeth positioning.

Specialized area of dentistry concerned with the treatment of periodontal diseases, which affect tissues supporting the tooth (gums, cementum, the alveolar bone, etc.).

Disease of the periodontum (tissues surrounding the tooth), bacterial in origin, often caused by or related to systemic disorders, osteoporosis, diabetes or poor oral hygiene. Periodontitis is not painful but causes bleeding gums. It can eventually cause inflammation of the gums, and swelling, bone loss and even loss of teeth in the long run.

Specialized area of dentistry concerned with installing crowns and prostheses.

Root planing
Procedure performed under a local anesthetic as part of periodontal care, which polishes the roots of loose teeth to clean them.

Smile line
The size, angle and all characteristics of a smile from a dental and oral perspective. Evaluating the smile line makes it possible to see which procedures can be performed to improve it.

A porcelain or composite that covers the visible surface of a tooth. The purpose of veneers is to change the cosmetic look (shape and colour) of a tooth.

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